About Us

68 Market Street seeks to celebrate our region’s seasonal produce whilst delivering delicious, creative dining.

We’re looking to spread the idea that eating within seasons is; healthier, tastes better, and is better for you. It supports farmers and producers, and their staff and families, within our region. Supporting our local community is at the forefront of our minds, and we’ll be working closely with the other independent local businesses, retailers and our good friends in the produce, hospitality and service sector.

Modern living means we often reach for convenient and mass produced foods, products for consumption, purchases which are led by the corporate food industries. With your help, and with the support of those about us, we are looking to step outside of that, to step back and appreciate what we’re eating and to be guided by the natural cycles of the seasons. Let’s face it; we’re in the right area of the country for it.

Eating locally keeps Cambridgeshire farmers and producers in business, supporting their staff and families which in turn benefits the local economy and is an environmentally-friendly choice. Food consumption is a lead driver of climate change. Food wastage is another environmental consideration that we take seriously at 68 Market Street. It has a huge impact on the environment for many reasons; one being that it decomposes to produce methane gas which is worse for the world than CO2.

We’re more aware these days that considering what we eat in this way will impact positively on wider environmental issues. By reducing food miles, and buying freshly picked ingredients, we’ll be bringing the food in all its glory to your plate. We’re committed to working with limited processed foods, so as to be assured of the ingredients being used. We’re devoted to reducing food waste by using everything we are delivered by the Cambridge Food Hub and other suppliers, and it goes without saying that we feel the same about all the waste a business produces.

We’re committed to identifying ways in which we can positively impact our own practice and develop sustainable ways to operate our business, in all areas of our energy use and to communicate these with our wider readership and patrons.

The building itself is such a beautiful setting we want to share its use with creatives within our community, and with local organisations who need space to meet and teach. Our long term goal is that our premises will be used to host the passions and direction of ourselves and of others – a place that becomes somewhere to relax and enjoy dining, music, arts, areas of interest and most importantly each other’s company.

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