Anyone Hungary?

An evening of traditional Hungarian dining

At 68 Market Street, we run a locally sourced, sustainable and wholly vegevore menu for our Wednesday to Sunday service hours. We are thoroughly committed to that never changing. We believe that our local region provides us with plenty to make beautiful foods from, and those who have dined with us will most certainly agree. Our head chef, Stuart, is thoroughly gifted in creating plates which have kept you fine people trying us out, telling those around you about us, and coming back for more. Thank you!

We hope that we’ve also created a place a where relaxed lunch or evening can be had in the company of friends and family, or as one of our regulars (we have those now) does, just on your own.

We are also deeply committed to supporting, and showcasing, the undoubted talents of; local chefs, food traders and our fine local producers too. And to offering evenings, using our beautiful building as venue, of different menus and dining experiences. We aim to not only be proud of our menu but to take pride in the people working in the food industry around us.

The first of our Table Takeover evenings could not be in better hands than those of our very own and rather wonderful Sous Chef, Sylvester. Hardly a proper guest, we know. He’s one of ours and we’re very lucky to have him on the team!

Sylly Zahorsky

Sylly’s ever smiling face can be seen through the pass during our regular service times – He’s already taken over our hearts, and we are really excited to say that he will be taking over our Kitchen and Tables on Tuesday 24th September to serve out a wonderful menu.

His passion is deep flavours and richness in a dish – where better to find these qualities than in the traditional recipes of Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech republic?

The 3 course meal he is set to serve gives you an insight into the foods he grew up around which inspired him to become a Chef. His grandfather, Kalman Morgyorosi, used to cook for Sylly and his brother as young children – and his love for these foods has never wained.

We would love for you to join us in celebrating all that is wonderful about Sylvester’s passion for these dishes.

The main course is something of a stunner, and is often served at traditional family meals Vadas Knedli.

Knedli is a steamed dumpling loaf. This will be paired with traditional Vadas (or Hunter’s beef). A lovingly prepared and slow cooked traditional dish; with sweet roots forming a creamy sauce.

For our veggie/vegan diners Sylly is recreating this with celeriac, which sounds exceedingly tasty

There is a choice of two desserts; the first being the much favoured Somloi Galuska, a chocolate sponge with cream. The second a vegan Cherry and Poppy Seed Strudel.

To be honest – we’re not sure which we will choose (hopefully the 68 Market Street team will get a little of both)

This event is one of our prepaid bookings only evenings.

Interest can be expressed via email with ‘Hungarian Evening’ to info@68marketstreet.co.uk

A full menu and pricing structure will be sent by reply with choices to be submitted prior to the event by return email.

Please note that payment for this event will be taken via card at time of confirmation of reservation.

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