What a fortnight that was! LET’S DO LUNCH

We opened our door (very softly) on the 10th July, to a select few of our friends and supporters – to say a HUGE thank you to them for the encouragement along the way. Food flowed from the kitchen, glasses chinked in congratulations, speeches made and thanks were given.

The following evening, we played host to a fine array of local independent business owners and were honoured to have the lovely Mayor Rouse amongst our midst. Once again a great evening – testing our place out, getting to know some local faces, and showcasing our wonderful Chef and Kitchen teams’ talents.

Mayor Rouse with our Head Chef, Stuart Tuck. Two very fine chaps

Then the fun began, and the real work. Accepting bookings and diners through our doors; our paying customers – Our bread (thankfully we have THE most amazing baker for that) and butter or oils for our vegan option.

Once again, softly we launched – so softly you might have thought no one had heard us… Our first diners on the Friday night gave such feedback we were assured that the hard work and planning had paid off. Our Saturday evening similarly so. And our very 1st 68 Market Street Sunday Spread was family orientated and much commented on with smiles and promises of return visits.

The following few day times were filled with fixes and ‘behind the scenes’ works to make sure our beautiful building was worthy of the plates we served; she’s a very old lady in personality and rather cantankerous to say the least – We kind of like her that way. We’re still not quite sure we have the hang of her completely, and are certain there will be more ‘surprises ‘ as we get to know her eccentricities.

Our first midweek evening saw us serve out to our first celebration dinners – A ‘birthday beetroot’ was especially requested for one table, and glasses of wine complimented to a wedding anniversary couple as well. How lovely to be chosen to as the place to hold these affairs! We were very honoured.

Thursday evening came and went with more discerning diners through the doors; enjoying each others company, our food and our venue. The staff getting the hang of the place and each other.

And then Friday night… Well, what can we say about that? It was as a ghost town down Market Street; not a soul through the door, no bookings on our sheets. We wondered what we could have done wrong, and what more we could do? Had the rain stopped play? Had the world ended? As a small independent start up, newly launched with something we thought was exciting and innovative to offer – we will admit we were a little more than concerned. Was this how it was going to be? 68 Market Street the shortest lived restaurant in the history of the city?

No! Our Saturday evening was filled with chatter and laughter and so many wonderful comments about it all; the beautiful food, the diverse and accommodating menu, our lovely staff, our carefully chosen wines and beers list, our refreshing fruit syrups made by own own chefs, the building, the decor and and the atmosphere – and all of the diners so kind, and complimentary.

Reviews of our previous week popped up on the dreaded ‘Trip Advisor‘ (He who all in the industry bow to – and must be obeyed) and our ‘piano’ became a ‘forte’. It was music to our ears!

That night restored our faith in what we’re about at 68 Market Street – Ensuring that locally sourced, locally grown, seasonally focused, fine produce served and presented carefully, with thought and passion is served to our patrons.

The bookings came in by storm for our 2nd Sunday Spread. Friends and families and people who had dined only the night before, came and ate of tables loaded with wonderful ‘off menu’ platters.

Courgettes – being most in season right now and plentiful; Chef served them out, flowers and all. Soy roasted Broccoli, and Seitan in Red wine gravy, it was a proper Sunday sit down.

Flexitarian, Vegetarian and Vegan diners alike filled with wonderful tastes and flavours and even self proclaimed ‘meat monsters’ alike, amazed at the offerings we had to share with them to their tables.

We’re so very pleased, and deeply humbled, to hear the buzz from diners who have eaten with us, and excited to be watching the chatter online from those who are beginning to hear about us now.

Our last two weeks have been evening service only – and we’re very happy to be able to say we’re open for Lunch this week and going forward too! Your continued support is very much appreciated – and we really look forward to seeing you here.


Wednesday 4pm – 9pm

Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays 12pm – 9pm


Sundays for our ‘by bookings only-Sunday Spread’ 12pm – 3pm

Manager’s note – Our blog posts will be focused on the produce we are playing with in the kitchen, the beautiful wines and beers we will be serving out and the vents we have planned – This one will definitely be met with comments of ‘Bit wordy, isn’t it, Kendon?’ from the Chef and the Director. Philistines! 😉

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